Nils Asther, Niels Bohr and Peter Freuchen

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Beskrivelse Nils Asther, Niels Bohr and Peter Freuchen on the set of "Madame Spy". Universal Pictures Studio, Hollywood, California, USA.
Bemærkning Nils Asther (1897 – 1981) was a Swedish Actor. After attending the Royal Dramatic Theater School in Stockholm, he began his stage career in Copenhagen. His film debut came in 1916 in the Swedish film "Vingerne" (1916).
Asther moved to Hollywood in 1927, where he played romantic roles with co-stars such as Greta Garbo, Pola Negri, and Joan Crawford. His Hollywood career continued until 1934 when his career declined. In 1958, he returned to Sweden, where he continued his acting career.

Lorenz Peter Elfred Freuchen (February 20, 1886 – September 2, 1957) was a Danish explorer, author, journalist and anthropologist. He is notable for his role in Arctic exploration, namely the Thule Expeditions.
In 1906, he went on his first expedition to Greenland as a member of the Denmark expedition.
The First Thule Expedition aimed to test Robert Peary's claim that a channel divided Peary Land from Greenland. It proved this was not the case in a 1,000 km (620 mi) journey across the inland ice.
In Denmark, Freuchen held a series of lectures about their expeditions and the Inuit culture.
During World War II, Freuchen was actively involved with the Danish resistance movement.
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