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You can see more than two million digitized images on arkiv.dk. The material is supplied to arkiv.dk by over 580 local and town archives that hold the original material.

Many of the images are protected under copyright law. Depending on the type of image, their use can be protected by copyright for 25, 50 or even 70 years. A distinction is made under Danish law between photographic images and photographic oeuvres. You can read more on copyright law in relation to photographic material on the website of the Ministry of Culture Denmark (danish), and find the legislative text itself on: www.retsinformation.dk (danish).

Generally, it is the photographer who holds the copyright for a photo. In certain cases, it can, however, be the newspaper or journal the photographer worked for that holds the copyright, or it can be jointly held by both the photographer and the newspaper.

Using images from arkiv.dk

Images from arkiv.dk may be shared on social media, e.g. Facebook by help of the share icons that are found on the catalogue entries for the images on arkiv.dk. You may also make a link to a catalogue entry on arkiv.dk from your own home page. This may be done an unlimited number of times. You are not permitted to copy the image and upload it directly onto Facebook and other social media nor crop the image and remove the watermark.

If you want a digital copy of one or more images for your own private use, please contact the archive that owns the material.
You can also contact the archive directly through the icon Contact the archive, found on the individual catalogue entries, or you can find contact details for the archive on: www.arkivvejviser.dk.

If you wish to use the images for publication purposes, or for other purposes that go beyond strictly private use, please contact the archive or archives that own the images. Here, you can come to an agreement over the use of the images.

When you use images and other material from arkiv.dk, you should be aware that you are responsible for complying with the terms and conditions set by the archives and required by copyright laws.
At the least, the names of the photographer and the archive should always be mentioned below the image. In cases where the photographer is unknown, this should be stated.
Moreover, if the copyright of an image has not yet expired, you should obtain permission from the copyright owner to use the image.

The material should not be used in a manner which would discredit the originator’s reputation or integrity or infringe the personal reputation or private life of the person depicted in the image. This applies irrespective of whether the copyright has expired or not.

Licence Agreement

By virtue of the licence agreement that arkiv.dk entered into with Visual Rights Denmark - VISDA (earlier Copydan), arkiv.dk is permitted to display photographs on its website, irrespective of whether these images are under copyright and protected by the copyright law in other contexts.

The licencing agreement obliges arkiv.dk to display a watermark on all images, and to encourage our users to give us information that could identify the photographer in cases where the photographer was hitherto unknown.

If you are the originator or copyright holder of one or several images on arkiv.dk, then you have the right to be paid a fee for our use of your images. It is VISDA that administers the licence agreement, so you should contact them directly to receive your fee.

If you do not wish to have your images displayed on arkiv.dk, you may opt out of the licensing agreement by contacting VISDA. Please remember to contact the archive or archives that show your image/s in order to have them removed from arkiv.dk. You can write to the archive directly by clicking on the icon Contact the archive found on the specific catalogue entry for the image or you can find the contact details of the archive on: www.arkivvejviser.dk.

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