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Are you looking for traces of your family in Denmark or would you like to see images of Denmark from earlier times?

On, you can find about 2 million historical photographs and gain access to information on archive material from over 580 archives throughout the country that contribute material to

The material on originates from private individuals, clubs and societies, companies and institutions. Moreover, some archives preserve material from local government administrations. You can read more about this material in the guide, What can I find on

Searching is easy, if you use the search field above. Write, for instance a name or a place – preferably in quotation marks, e.g. "Marie Hansdatter" or "Hannerupgaard".

Your search will often give you many results, so you will need to limit your search results with the help of the menu to the left. You can filter the search either to a specific place or specific archive. Read the guide, Search help for a more through description of search possibilities on

Not everything is accessible as yet on, so if you do not find what you seek, you can always email the archive in question. You will find the address on:

If you wish to obtain a digital copy of an image for private use, or if you have questions or comments about the material, you can write directly to the archive that owns the material via the Contact the archive icon.

In many cases, the archives can also help with information, if you, for instance are searching for your ancestors in Denmark. Most archives would be able to reply you in English.

If you wish to know more about how you can use the material from, you can read more under Rights and Uses.

We also recommend you to read our FAQ pages, if you need more help on

If you seek material from government institutions in Denmark, then you should visit the Danish National Archives (Rigsarkivet). They offer, among others, a range of online services, e.g. you can search online in Danish parish records, census records, ordnance (cadastral) surveys and much more.

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